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How To Fight Raid Battles In 'Pokémon GO' [0.09]

Posted on June 24, 2017, 4:11 p.m. by Forbes Real Time @ [source]

Raids have arrived in Pokémon GO, and they're a breath of fresh air. Read on for how to participate in raids in Pokémon GO.


Yesterday, Pokémon GO’s raids started rolling out live to a larger chunk of the playerbase, dropping to a minimum level of 35 the night before, to 31, then 28, then 25 over the course of a few hours. The best addition there was feeding friendly Pokémon berries for candy.


There are no tips that work perfectly for every small business, because there are so many different types of small businesses with different customers and different needs. The tips in this post by Rick Verbanas of Your Guerrilla Marketer can help your business move customers through sales funnels more efficiently so you can make more sales.


Transformers: The Last Knight was the only wide release, but there were a few noteworthy platform debuts, so this will be a quickie mostly so they can get their own headline and the like.

Lionsgate and Amazon opened The Big Sick into five NY/LA locations this weekend prior to its wide release on July 14.


There remain 120 people feared to have been buried alive from yesterdays unprecedented landslide in a mountainous village located in southwest China. Local state media reported an initial figure of 141 missing individuals but subsequently revised the number down to 120 missing people with 5 confirmed deaths.


In holdover news that isn't Wonder Woman, Pixar's Cars 3 earned another $7.57 million on its second Friday, a drop of 61% from its $19.5m opening day. In grimmer second weekend news, All Eyez On Me sank like a stone on its second Friday, earning just $1.89m (-85%) on Friday for a likely $6.17m (-77%) second weekend and $38.96m ten-day total.


I am not hugely a fan of the economic policies of either Donald Trump nor his Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, both seem to have entirely the wrong ideas about trade for example, yet Ross here seems to grasp the anti-trust issues surrounding Amazon at present--there are none. Amazon is a large company, most certainly it is, it's also an aggressively expansionist one, but neither of these raise any anti-trust issues in the slightest.


This weekend will be a perfect illustration of the notion that weekend rankings don’t matter. By that I mean it doesn’t matter how where your movie ends up on the top ten in its first, second or twentieth weekend of release, but rather how much money that film makes in relation to costs and expectations.


Raids went live in Pokémon GO the other night. At first, it was hard to tell when people would get their hands on them: the first raids were limited to players level 35+, and seemed to be confined to sponsored Pokéstops.


Marketing your business can be tough, and it helps to have excellent resources to keep you up-to-date and effective.

This cheat sheet from Vertical Response outlines best practices when writing for a variety of different marketing channels and platforms.


Learn how to do it on a budget with The eBook Self-Publishing Bundle. Click here to learn more.


In early May, Unity CEO John Riccitiello made a comparison between the rapidly evolving virtual reality space and the early days of the internet. According to Fan, both her and Darnell saw in virtual reality an opportunity, not unlike the early days of CG animation, when animators were merging art and technology and figuring out what the medium was, and what it could do.


One of E3’s showstopper moments this year came from Ubisoft, which has produced similar moments in past years with early footage of games like Watch Dogs and The Division. But this year, it was the fact that it was making a sequel to one of the most beloved games of all time, Beyond Good and Evil.


For social entrepreneurs concerned about growing income inequality in the U.S. and around the world, one way to spread the wealth is through employee ownership. Through Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), entrepreneurs sell ownership in their company to their employees.


There is a problem with the manner which the European authorities insist failing banks must be closed down--a problem that Italy has just neatly sidestepped with its work on two Veneto area banks which were declared to be failing yesterday. The essential problem is that banks sometimes fail, they sure do, and that we also need to have a method of dealing with such failures, one which punishes investors but also one which doesn't make the next such potential failure worse or faster.


In our portable world, headphones are a necessity.

The transformation from headphones to wristband is simple and take very little time.


Are the Short-term Treasury Bonds Overpriced? [0.09]

Posted on June 24, 2017, 3 p.m. by Forbes Real Time @ [source]

We have had a total of four rate hikes since the Fed lifted rates in December 2015 for the first time in nine years, the most recent hike being last week.

Short rates in the U.S. today are low—with the yield on 2-year government bonds sitting at 1.34% and that on the 3-year at 1.48%.


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