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Eco-tourism has been soaring in popularity over the past couple of years as more travelers become increasingly aware of sustainability issues and are discerning enough to seek out ‘green’ initiatives on their trips.

As travellers become more careful in selecting quality experiential trips that bring them back to nature and help promote the local community, they are also willing to pay more.

Eco friendly local natural recycling resort sustainable system trip villas


Learning to live with, let alone prosper from, the widespread changes being brought about by technology, sometimes requires changes in behavior on our part. We have to learn how to set up automation programs and sometimes make changes to our habits to accommodate sensors and new control interfaces.

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After waiting to see what all of his former bandmates have been working on in the studio, former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson has finally gifted the world his first solo single with him serving as the frontman. These are still early days for the heartthrob, but it is good to see him finally venturing out on his own in the same way his friends have.

Finally member pop Rexha single solo song Star Tomlinson track


Fortunately, the early tech-friendly candidates are already entering the field with some fascinating ideas.

One new candidate in the field, author and former Clinton tech advisor, Alec Ross, has proposed a rather unique “income share agreement” credit for childcare services.

advisor agreement candidate childcare families ideas income Ross tech welfare


Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is not expected to arrive until March or April of 2018, but rumors about the devices are starting to trickle in. The Bell's sources said that Samsung has already set up orders for 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch Infinity Displays to be used on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

display Galaxy Galaxy Note Galaxy S9 inch OLED panels S8 Samsung screen


On the two-year anniversary of the Iran Nuclear Deal, President Trump reluctantly certified that Iran is complying with the international nuclear agreement that prevents Iran from attaining an atomic weapon. Two-third of Americans feel that Trump will get us into another major war, and half of Americans think he will use nukes when he gets the chance.

Atomic Iran nuclear President sanctions Saudi Trump United States war weapon


Thankfully, this is no Fyre festival. Instead, this summer Krug Champagne is hosting a whimsical festival on Saturday July 29th at the Grange in Hampshire.

Champagne Chef festival fire food guests Krug music taste Wild


The transition between college and the so-called "real world" is a bracing one. Moving, job hunting, and figuring out student loan payments can be overwhelming, and it doesn't help that for all the classes colleges offer, Intro to Personal Finance is rarely one of them.

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Fed Needs ECB And BOJ To Keep The Music Playing [0.02]

Posted on July 21, 2017, 1:42 a.m. by Forbes Real Time @ [source]

Overnight we had two major central bank meetings: The Bank of Japan and European Central Bank.

With the Fed in a rate hiking cycle, these two central banks have taken on the responsibility of keeping global liquidity pumping, which keeps things like stocks and real estate moving higher, and rates moving lower (if not lower, than stable).

bank central Draghi global interest Japan lower moving QE rate


The great argument in the Greek bailout has long been whether the International Monetary Fund will get its way or whether it will be over whelmed by the politics of the eurozone--as the IMF approves a conditional loan to Greece it looks like the IMF has folded on this issue. However, those Greek debts are near entirely owed to the other governments of Europe.

cut debt eurozone fund Greece Greek IMF money relief repaid


Speaking as someone who waited tables for years, no one is ever filled with a warm sense of fulfillment and an overwhelming sense of value when they get a 10% tip. In fact, a study done by Lendful Financial revealed that the average Canadian millennial will spend two years of their earnings on gratuity costs, based on the 18% tipping norm in Canada.

hair housekeeper leave Millennial Report Republicans restaurant tend tip tipping


Move over, links, content, and RankBrain — there's a new ranking factor in town, and it's a doozy. It doesn't matter how many links you have, you are not ranking, my friends.

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Mathieu Heurtault, courtesy Gooding & Co.

Number six of twelve built, and one of eight with left-hand drive, this 1966 275 GTB/C Competizione is one of the finest Ferrari Berlinettas in existence and to date rates as the most exciting Ferrari crossing the auction block this August in Monterey.

Mathieu Heurtault, courtesy Gooding & Co.

In 1953, Ferrari introduced the 250 series competition cars, which culminated in the car every man and boy wants to own, the 250 GTO.

bodywork built car engine Ferrari GTB Heurtault courtesy LM Mathieu Heurtault Type


Apple iOS 10.3.3 Has Two Nasty Surprises [0.05]

Posted on July 21, 2017, midnight by Forbes Real Time @ [source]

One of the more infamous is a bug which stops users from clearing their Safari browsing history and data. But iOS 10.3.3 is widely expected to be the final release of iOS 10 before iOS 11 debuts soon alongside a radically redesigned iPhone 8.

Apple bug final iOS iPhone issue left millions release update


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Jim Cramer explains why it is so difficult to compete with the e-commerce giant.

commerce compete Cramer difficult explains giant Jim


Jim Cramer spoke with KeyCorp Chairman and CEO Beth Mooney for more on the company's latest earnings report and its prospects.

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How AI Is Already Changing Business [0.16]

Posted on July 20, 2017, 9:58 p.m. by HBR.org @ [source]

Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT Sloan School professor, explains how rapid advances in machine learning are presenting new opportunities for businesses. Erik Brynjolfsson teaches at MIT Sloan School and runs the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy.



The internet has introduced insane levels of competition to virtually every industry. And, as one could expect, higher levels of competition mean better service for customers.

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