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Creating content day in and day out is exhausting.

She points out that if you’re audience isn’t engaged, they don’t care, so stop creating content that your audience may or may not read.

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How To Hire Executives [0.22]

Posted on Aug. 15, 2017, 10:06 a.m. by AVC @ [source]

If you don’t follow Brian, you might want to.

If you plan to hire executives or are already doing it and would like to see how another CEO does it, I would suggest you go read Brian’s post.

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I’ve always had a keen interest in helping small, diverse and disadvantaged businesses.

A few years back, I worked with a small business (around 200 people) and helped them put in place many strategies and methods that transformed the business.

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By Jaime Lizotte, HR Solutions Manager at ComplyRight, Inc.

You’ve hired a new employee.

Under federal law, you must verify an employee’s eligibility to work in the United States within three days of hiring.

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Building authentic relationships is important for increased sales and return customers. Use more text and less graphics — Since more and more people use their mobile devices to gather information it’s important that your messages are loading quickly.

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5 Ways to Make Money Playing with Dogs [0.25]

Posted on Aug. 15, 2017, 8:55 a.m. by Noobpreneur.com @ [source]

Cautionary voices are everywhere when you’re an entrepreneur. Everyone tells you how hard it is—to the point that you feel like you’re doing something wrong if you’re not struggling.

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Sloppy science [-0.01]

Posted on Aug. 15, 2017, 7:52 a.m. by Seth Godin's Blog on marketing, tribes @ [source]

We can measure it. It's the lazy or wrongheaded use of the scientific method part of the time, mixing in fear for good measure.

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The Unsung Art of Followership [0.27]

Posted on Aug. 15, 2017, 5:48 a.m. by Denise Lee Yohn @ [source]

No kid aspires to follow others. No employee says his best quality is being a follower.

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Last year I wrote a piece poking fun at Apple’s marketing campaign claiming its iPad Pro can replace a laptop.

One of the things those Apple fans who were upset with my criticism of the last iPad insisted was that iOS didn’t need a dedicated file storage system a la PC.

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Hadoop Haters Gonna Hate [0.05]

Posted on Aug. 15, 2017, 5:25 a.m. by Forbes Real Time @ [source]

The Big Data space has been confusing. A few years ago, the technology was hailed as THE solution for all Big Data problems.

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Predictive scheduling laws, also referred to as fair workweek legislation or secure scheduling, require employers to give advance notice to employees of their shifts.

What is predictive scheduling and how will it affect your business?

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In annals of the modern luxury hotel industry Horst Schulze, founder of Ritz-Carlton and Isadore Sharp, creator of Four Seasons, in the Seventies and Eighties laid the groundwork for the category’s massive growth. However, when the dust settles decades from now, it may be Montage Hotels & Resorts' Alan J. Fuerstman who is viewed as the person who figured out the secret formula of what makes a luxury lifestyle hotel tick.

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Many women are looking for work-at-home opportunities, and you might be one of them.

Business opportunity open to residents of the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and France.

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What Do Boards Actually Do? [0.09]

Posted on Aug. 15, 2017, 4:47 a.m. by Both Sides of the Table - Medium @ [source]

What Do Boards Actually Do?

The image of boards and of investors vs. founder conflicts has been so at odds with my experiences on dozens of boards over the past 20 years that I thought it was worth sharing what I actually see.

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I contend that blockchain technology is going to disrupt many businesses and industries and the legal profession just might be next. Although there are many appealing characteristics of blockchain technology for lawyers, perhaps the best one of all is that it can secure information in an immutable and transparent ledger.

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The New Era of Learning is Here and it's Not Hype [0.09]

Posted on Aug. 15, 2017, 4:13 a.m. by Forbes Real Time @ [source]

Yes, like every other talent management domain, Learning & Development is up for reinvention.

In the hands of every learner.

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Gran Turismo Sport is quite simply a revolution in driving games. I have played all six versions of Gran Turismo and several of its rivals since GT debuted 20 years ago.

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Last week, Alibaba unveiled major upgrades to its Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) platform, an online channel for brands to file intellectual property infringement complaints.

The boats, which were available as of last week, cost between $300 to $1,000, with sellers touting their anti-sinking qualities in online advertisements.

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How Hustle Can Hurt You [0.17]

Posted on Aug. 15, 2017, 3:24 a.m. by Noobpreneur.com @ [source]

Today, there is a prevailing theme of “hustle” being promoted in our culture. And though there’s no substitute for a focused commitment towards our goals, I soon learned if we’re not clear on what we’re working to achieve, all the hustle in the world won’t mean a thing.

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With Brock Lesnar advertised, Raw figures to do a strong number in the midst of a hot streak during its final weeks before the return of Monday Night Football.

After a months-long streak of decreasing YouTube viewers, Raw is now on a two-week hot streak.

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