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What was the European Union's response as the first non-European country was added to the fast-growing list of victims of Europe's contaminated eggs, and initial arrests were made in the spreading scandal?

That said, Europe has been plagued in recent years by a series of food scandals, most recently in 2013, when meat identified as beef in various European countries was actually horse meat.

contaminated continent countries egg Europe European Fipronil food products scandal


JPBI was formed in 2004, and in 2006, Baldwin individually borrowed $5.5 million from a lender, with the promissory note eventually being owned by Curci Investments, LLC. Then, Baldwin caused JPBI to loan $42.6 million to three family partnerships that were formed by Baldwin for ostensible estate planning purposes.

Baldwin caused Curci formed interest January JPBI judgment Note promissory


Like the Beatles sang, we all get by with a little help from our friends. One way my team does this is through co-branded projects, like webinars.

Area building content Department friends partner partnerships programs tool valuable


WWE has had a bizarre 2017, a year in which Jinder Mahal became WWE Champion while the likes of Finn Balor and Samoa Joe couldn't even get on the WrestleMania card.

Whether it's because of a lack of character development, poor booking or bad performances, many of WWE's most talented main roster superstars haven't been able to capture the magic they once had.

Bayley Enzo fans female main roster merchandise NXT popular superstar WWE


In the aftermath of the high-profile and deadly white supremacist and neo-Nazi demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is reportedly bracing for a surge in recruitment by far-right racist organizations. And in the immediate aftermath of the white supremacist rally and deadly attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, the SPLC’s map of all the hate groups operating in the United States has perhaps never been a more vital resource.

Charlottesville groups hate Map operating organizations SPLC supremacist United States White


The past few weeks, Niantic has released four of the five Legendary Birds from Gen 1 and 2 into Pokémon GO, and now speculation turns to whether the fifth will replace Zapdos when he disappears from the game tomorrow. But past that, there could be a reason we’ve seen Lugia and these three birds without Ho-Oh.

bird Ho Oh legendary Lugia Niantic Pokémon release released tomorrow weeks


As has been argued by many in the past few years, Kendrick Lamar may or may not be the greatest rapper alive right now. While so many in the pop world have focused on partying, money or failed relationships in their songs, Lamar harkens back to the best artists of the ‘60s and ‘80s.

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One day after the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where white supremacist protesters faced off against anti-racist counter-protesters, political leaders from across the spectrum have weighed in to condemn the violent and racist bigotry that was on display. A total of 19 people were reportedly injured in the attack, while one person―32-year-old paralegal Heather Heyer―was killed.

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Gluten free foods are a huge trend right now.

The popular pizza chain recently introduced a gluten free pizza.

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SAMOS, Greece -- In the east part of the Aegean Sea, this island has the usual hallmarks of a peaceful travel hotspot: homey restaurants, fisherman’s boats and stray cats sleeping in the sun. The Athens-born philanthropist who is married to Dr. Kurt Schwarz, the chairman of BioScience Ventures, first discovered Samos when she was a student at university.

art Athens exhibition Foundation Greek island local museum refugee Samos


First, the bad news. So yeah, it was a good news/bad news weekend for Sony.

domestic film movie news Sony Spider Man Studio sun weekend worldwide


It does of course slightly stick in the craw to be saying that China is actually correct about these current US and Trump trade disputes but it is also true that they're right.

The United States should resort to rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO), not unilateral trade tools such as Section 301, to resolve trade disputes with China, a former White House economist has said.

China dispute domestic interest investigation politics rules trade Trump WTO


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Immigrant entrepreneurs, one of the greatest assets of the U.S. economy, have a PR problem.

In the U.S., immigrants are almost twice as likely to become entrepreneurs as native-born U.S. citizens.

bring Chhour entrepreneur food immigrant job restaurant Salt Lake skills wife


The man who police say drove a Dodge Challenger into a crowd of protesters Saturday amid white supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, has been identified as 20-year-old James Fields Jr. The Ohio man was arrested Saturday, and has ties to the white supremacist alt-right.

America challenger Dodge fields man Saturday Shield supremacist Vanguard White


This has to be one of the more head-beating pieces of economic research that has been done recently. It's the bit about Soviet Russia in between which is somewhere between nonsense and why one Earth did they bother?

Czech income inequality living monetary Republic roughly Russia Soviet standard


We flew south from Miami while the gray skies were just clearing up, echoes of thunder storms in the distance. The private jet was more than capable of covering these bumpy South Beach skies, and our journey began.

beach club jack McDonald Miami Nikki Penrod skies South year


Warner Bros.

I think we may have to look at The Conjuring franchise as the horror equivalent of Illumination’s Despicable Me series.

Sure, Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. and New Line Cinema went and hired a better director (David F. Sandberg straight from last summer’s sleeper horror hit Lights Out) and went the period piece-prequel format, but you can say the same thing about Universal/Comcast Corp. and Blumhouse’s Ouija series.

Annabelle big Conjuring debut earned film franchise horror movie weekend