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People like to do business with people they trust—and that’s why referrals from satisfied customers have always been such a powerful way of growing your business. People are more likely to patronize companies that their friends and colleagues rave about.

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The easiest thing leaders do is get things done.

Leaders are ineffective if all they do is get things done.

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A Golden Age for Small Business [0.00]

Posted on Aug. 11, 2017, 12:30 p.m. by The Global Small Business Blog @ [source]


In today’s world of fierce competition, ever–increasing consumer expectations, and rapidly changing trends, it is paramount for manufacturing companies to establish connection with consumers and suppliers around the world. This is when traditional centralized manufacturing is necessary, that is, having a single manufacturing unit with distribution centers wherever needed.

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Marketing and finance are entirely different disciplines, so it’s no surprise that the CFO and the marketing team have an often contentious relationship. To the CFO, the marketing budget seems poorly planned and out of control; to the marketer, the budget is an unwelcome constraint on creativity.

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9 Online Sites to List Your Brand-New Business [0.27]

Posted on Aug. 11, 2017, 12:05 p.m. by AllBusiness.com @ [source]

You’ve put your heart and soul into launching your small business.

Manta’s small business directory gets more than 15 million page views per month from customers looking for local businesses.

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Freelancer Review: Gamify Your Online Talent Search [0.18]

Posted on Aug. 11, 2017, noon by Biz 3.0 @ [source]

Freelancer.com is another popular digital freelance marketplace similar to Upwork.

With more and more people leaving the security of their full-time jobs to pursue independent work, many talented professionals are signing up on digital marketplaces like Freelancer.com to offer their services.

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8 Ways an Artist Can Make Money on the Internet [0.32]

Posted on Aug. 11, 2017, 10:31 a.m. by Noobpreneur.com @ [source]

The internet is one of the greatest tools for people of all walks of life. From shopping, to learning, to having fun and expanding the ways we are able to communicate with one another, the internet has made life much easier for many people.

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A new report compiled by HootSuite and We Are Social found that the total number of social media users has now exceeded 3 billion, accounting for about 40 percent of the global population. The three new categories added are marketing analytics, audience management, and media buying.

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Now you can shop on behalf of your clients and make sure they are getting all of the right products. As the expert it’s more efficient for you to handle the shopping, you save both your and your client’s time.

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An audience of one [0.20]

Posted on Aug. 11, 2017, 8:12 a.m. by Seth Godin's Blog on marketing, tribes @ [source]

The latest book, Poke The Box is a call to action about the initiative you're taking - in your job or in your life, and Seth once again breaks the traditional publishing model by releasing it through The Domino Project.

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Using social media for business and, more specifically, recruitment, is not new. It also stands to reason that different types of people will likely be using different social media platforms at varying times throughout the day.

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It’s also the fundamental insight captured by ancient Greek historian Thucydides in his History of The Pelopennesian War. By analyzing the analogs and precedents in the historical record, what clues or insights or lessons might we draw?

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What Are Trading Bonuses And How Can We Get Them? [0.23]

Posted on Aug. 11, 2017, 3:58 a.m. by Noobpreneur.com @ [source]

What Are Trading Bonuses And How Can We Get Them?

The process of trading currencies online on the foreign exchange market is becoming increasingly popular.

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Get Investors Onboard With Your Startup [0.13]

Posted on Aug. 11, 2017, 2:30 a.m. by Young Upstarts @ [source]

Roughly 27 percent of startups can’t get the funding they need to take their business to the next level, according to the National Association of Small Businesses.

Many young startups might believe they just don’t have the exposure to reach investors, but more than likely, the inability to raise investor dollars stems from their books.

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When Compassion Harms [0.15]

Posted on Aug. 11, 2017, 12:23 a.m. by Leadership Freak @ [source]

Supporting people who drift encourages drifting and de-motivates high achievers. Team members who tolerate weaknesses under the guise of supporting the boss.

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Entertain the idea, for a moment, that Google assigned a quality score to organic search results.

But regardless of that, you get this idea that Google has this sort of sense of how the page performs in their search results.

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Jim Cramer spoke to Hassane El-Khoury, the president and CEO of Cypress Semiconductor, about the newly envisioned future of his company.

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Jim Cramer reveals what your next move should be in Live Nation with news that Amazon could start offering ticketing.

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Jim Cramer spoke with U.S. Concrete President and CEO Bill Sandbrook about the company's current undertakings and the state of U.S. infrastructure.

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