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7 Out of the Box Interview Activities [-0.03]

Posted on April 18, 2016, 4:35 p.m. by EnMast | A Small Business Owner @ [source]

Kaleigh Moore is no stranger to small business. She's the Founder of Lumen -- a business that offers copywriting, social media services, and graphic design.

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Some people are fans of sticky notes.

Regardless of where you keep your list of goals, you have to take steps forward if you want to actually achieve them.

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You may have read that title and thought…wait, why wouldn’t someone want to grow their business?

Today, we wanted to talk about five specific reasons not to grow your business.

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We do business with people (people that we know, like and trust). We want them to share in a common purpose and values.

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When you go to meet with a new client, you need to have a list of objectives to accomplish during that meeting.

You probably read that phrase and thought, “Whoa…why would I say that to a potential new client?

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We’ve all been there.

But on the days when you feel the need to get new business right away, there are some simple, effective strategies you can use to make that happen.

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You’ve scoffed at the idea of building a referral program.

Somewhere along the way, you’ve forgotten that the referral is the currency of word-of-mouth advertising.

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While there are certainly moments when fluff and niceties can be an asset to you as a business owner, there are times when there’s just nothing better than straight talk.

There are 5 specific moments when you should employ straight talk in business.

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The Top 5 Ways to Build Trust [0.17]

Posted on Feb. 15, 2016, 3 p.m. by EnMast | A Small Business Owner @ [source]

That’s a pretty nice way to sum up how trust is built.

It’s time to ask yourself: Are you actively doing things that help build trust with the people around you?

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Your team looks to you as the leader—and they need to know that as the leader, you have a plan. Here’s what your team needs to hear right now.

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