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If I had to do it all over again, I would skip the university route and, instead, spend 3-4 years working on a kickass, meaningful project that actually made an impact on the world. In fact, I recommend you go if you want to do something specialized like becoming a doctor or lawyer or paleontologist.

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Business come and go, some come, stay - and then go, but only truly great businesses backed by great minds with unseasoned determination are usually around for a long time, maybe even longer than their founders are.

Select Blinds CEO Rick Steele belongs in this cadre and has generated a lot of buzz online over the past decade about how he built this company from scratch to a multimillion-dollar business.

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Ideas, ideas, ideas.

Everybody has an idea that they want to get off the ground.

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As entrepreneurs, we know we must deliver tremendous value to our clients and our prospective clients. The key is to be proactive and plot out the ideal future for you and your business.

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In the first quarter of the new year, businesses are thinking about how industry trends will affect their culture, their teams and their bottom lines. As co-founder and chief development officer at a fast-growing travel company, I'm especially interested in how travel and hospitality trends will impact businesses this year.

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It takes an effective team to attract and serve a community in business these days.

A few companies seem to be leading the way in building and maintaining ultra-effective teams, sometimes called extreme teams.

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As I shift my focus towards business and entrepreneurship these days, I am constantly on the lookout for people who inspire me. Here is what he had to say....

I am sure that people seldom hear about professional athletes who turn into internet entrepreneurs.

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How do we disrupt a tech culture that's made it difficult for women entrepreneurs to access capital?

The thing is, there are plenty of talented women out there, and we need to continue to put our money where our mouths are and actually fund startups led by women.

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This Valentine's Day, as you go through the annual ritual of romance with flowers and gifts and cards and chocolates for that special person in your life... or maybe escape from the madness with a quiet evening in front of the TV, stop for a moment and consider the other important relationship in your life - the relationship you have with your Customers.

Unlike your Valentine's Day romantic ritual, Customer relationships cannot be showered with attention and gifts one day of the year, and relegated to the back-burner until the special day comes around again next year.

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Navigating your business relationships is never easy, especially when you have outgrown a relationship with someone.

When you start to attain more success in your business, as well as start to expand your ideas around what works for you, some of the people you brought on when you first started with may no longer fit into the roles they were given at the beginning.

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SEO and user experience has converged. In 2017, a good user experience makes the best SEO strategy.

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People like to use it to impress others, and audiences listen up when you talk about it. Businesses and so-called thought leaders talk about emerging trends in strategy with each passing year.

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What was similar about Uber and Airbnb in their early days? About 150 of 165 people who got an AngelList email about Uber didn't even respond.

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What is the difference between a businessman and an entrepreneur?

I moonlight as an entrepreneur, and work as an investment professional otherwise.

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Raising money too soon for a startup creates a number of serious problems.

You get diluted out of your ownership.

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More and more companies are going fully remote, but is the transition right for your business?

Studies show that people who work from home tend to be more productive, on average, which means your team will get more done than ever before.

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It is time to finally praise our newest members of the workforce. I am so tired of hearing about how millennials are lazy, have been coddled by their parents and, in effect, lack the initiative and self-awareness to be successful in the workplace.

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I can't begin to tell you the number of blog posts I read about "the grind". That notion that if we're sleeping for more than 3 hours per night, taking care of ourselves, and spending time with family and friends, then we're somehow not working hard enough.

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Debbie Sterling never pictured herself a social entrepreneur. In Debbie's case, she spent 9 months researching her idea before taking it to market.

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Voice technology is the new frontier for user interaction, and if your business cares about software, technology or Google, you'll likely end up caring about it. Both Amazon and Google are going to invest heavily in voice technology, but Google in particular is looking to start a developer and customer engagement shift.

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