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Not everyone can say that within 4 years, they went from being an individual contributor to the VP of a billion dollar company.

Posted at his desk, Donnelly’s daily inspiration are Dr. Edward Deming’s 14 points.

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Have you ever heard a song in the morning, only to have it stubbornly stick in your head all day long, even though you don’t care for it?

There are a number of ways that advertisers can leverage these changing trends to better engage people, and Tartaglia called out a few.

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In the Wild, Wild West of Social Media Digital Reputation, employees create social accounts without governance.

Find a tool to allow the enterprise organization to manage their social channels.

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Creating content day in and day out is exhausting.

She points out that if you’re audience isn’t engaged, they don’t care, so stop creating content that your audience may or may not read.

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As marketers, our jobs require that we prioritize ongoing education and learning in order to remain relevant and competitive. But instead of focusing on thought leadership solely, marketers have an opportunity to reframe their approach to become thought partners.

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A new report compiled by HootSuite and We Are Social found that the total number of social media users has now exceeded 3 billion, accounting for about 40 percent of the global population. The three new categories added are marketing analytics, audience management, and media buying.

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As we marketers long to make meaningful connections with our audience, we often look deep into our figurative crystal balls in hopes of finding a way to lay an irresistible field of content that will trap their attention. What creative tactics and tools can marketers use to create an engaging video experience?

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Good marketing programs involve strategy, goals, target audience, tactics and measurement.

Content is both king and kingdom in the marketing world but what good is great content if no one sees it?

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Next week, Digital Summit will arrive in Minneapolis, drawing in distinguished speakers and attendees from far and wide while placing our hometown at the center of the marketing world for a few days. Minny is an ingenuity hotbed, always one step ahead of the curve with a thriving tech startup community that has led some to suggest MSP might be the next Silicon Valley.

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Eighty percent of the fastest growing B2B companies employ content marketing, according to data from Mattermark and

If you’re among those 66 percent-ers, it’s okay.

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We often hear how engaging videos are on social media – but there’s certainly a trick to getting it right for your audience. This infographic shows highlights from a recent study from Animoto, where 1,000 consumers sounded off on what they wanted to see.

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These days there’s no question that great content is a foundational element of any marketing strategy—especially in B2B.

As marketers, it’s our job to dig deep to understand who our audience is, the challenges they face and the questions they’re asking.

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Lately, there’s been a big push for adding humor and personality into B2B marketing. That level of buy-in can be tricky for B2B content, but humor can be a valuable tool for making a human connection, regardless of how dry your subject matter may be.

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From my first day of preschool, everything I’ve encountered in life, I’ve compared to my experiences growing up on a dairy farm. That’s company culture and you experience it every day in your agency workplace.

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From my first day of preschool, everything I’ve encountered in life, I’ve compared to my experiences growing up on a dairy farm. That’s company culture and you experience it every day in your agency workplace.

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Marketers who plan appropriately significantly increase their likelihood of success.

You’d think so, but unfortunately the day-to-day grind can cause many marketers to lose sight of what’s important and essential for content marketing success.

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How Much Data is Generated Every Minute?

This infographic reveals what happens online every minute.

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These days, there’s little doubt among B2B marketers that content is the foundation of digital marketing success. If I want to see what resonated the most with audiences, I can filter the briefing down further by limiting results to the past 24 hours, three days, or even three months.

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Social media marketers, do you feel a brief pang of envy when a brand gets sassy on Twitter or Facebook?

The good folks at Sprout Social just released their Q2 2017 Sprout Social Index, and they’re taking aim at precisely that question.

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Your main goal as a community manager is to advocate your brand on social networks, find and engage potential customers in an online community and deepen the customer’s relationship with the brand. As a community manager, it’s important to not only link the customer community to the brand, but also to instill the brand goals and objectives throughout the community.

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