Are you covered? So it’s essential to have the right insurance even before hiring the first employee.

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Leaders help create powerful, cohesive teams that enable organizations to achieve their targets.

Great leaders acknowledge weaknesses but focus on strengths.

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As a small business owner, you understand that time is money. This is why user-generated content (or UGC) comes in handy for the startup or small business owner who’s short on time and strapped for cash.

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Don’t let your drive steer you down a dead end. But it’s a mistake to let your confidence get in the way of your ability to advocate for your ideas and sell your startup to investors.

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Don’t Forget the Packaging [0.17]

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We seem to be in a marketing era that rewards straightforward, cut to the chase marketing and sales tactics.

I think we can look back at 2008 and see the birth of content marketing—the helpful era.

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Every company should consider using digital marketing as part of their marketing strategy, not only for online businesses but physical businesses as well. Any company can use an online arena to reach their target audience.

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Generally speaking I’ve worked with 3 types of leaders in my life. No one messed with her, and we all worked hard and were on our best behavior when she was around.

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A few years ago, I was on an executive retreat with 10 friends, all of whom run successful businesses.

John Drury, who became an executive coach after selling his advertising agency, served as our moderator.

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How to Use Metrics and a Dashboard [0.17]

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Have you ever driven a car that had no speedometer? Financial information from last month compared to plan and same month last year is certainly relevant, but not part of a dashboard, since there is nothing you can do to fix a problem when numbers are as old as a week, let alone the typical several weeks required to prepare financial statements for review.

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What About Sales Person Retention? [0.18]

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Retention is a hot topic—customer retention that is. The whole subscription model, on which all SaaS and XaaS companies are built has customer retention as a fundamental to the success of the business model.

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Are Your Small Business Goals Too Low? [0.21]

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National “Reach as High as You Can” Day is on April 14, and no, it’s not a day to make you feel guilty about not doing your calisthenics.

But now that you are set up and well on your way to reaching those goals – You are, right?

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You’ve heard it all before: global cities claiming to be the ‘new Silicon Valley.’ The truth is that the Bay Area’s tech and startup dominance isn’t going anywhere, with roughly 70% of all venture capital funding located in the United States. Global markets have faced uncertainty however that may be discouraging expansion, with the current administration considering tax changes to boost exports.

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Stop Data Breaches from Ruining Your Business [0.06]

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One of the hardest things about running a small business is compliance. It can be tempting to cut corners when outsourcing things like mailings and billing, but it’s worthwhile to ensure the company you are working with adheres to all the laws and regulations that apply to your business.

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With the copious amounts of rain hitting much of the U.S. this year already, we know it is going to be a wet one. Especially if your business is in California, you know that the state has received torrential rainfall after years of drought.

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Protecting Your Company: Asset Control [0.08]

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What controls should be put in place to protect the company’s assets from fraud? Internal controls should be put in place to protect these assets.

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How to Write Your Brand Story from the Heart [0.32]

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It’s called a brand story but all it really is a shorthand way of describing the most important parts of your business.

A brand story just means what inspired you to set up your business, why it exists in the world and what real problem it solves for your customers.

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It’s easy to let your personal and business finances mix together, especially if you’re not making a profit from your business (yet!). However, it’s critical to establish a clear line between your personal and business finances early on.

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Going with gut instinct has plenty of famous adherents—Steve Jobs was famous at Apple for making key decisions without referring to marketing data, one of which is said to have been the genesis of the iPad—a device that sold 42 million devices in 2016.

As a startup business, I know that gut instinct or intuition is particularly important, when time is in short supply, and when being true to your initial vision is often the most essential part of the business, even if it is the easiest part to get lost in the noise.

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Many entrepreneurs are not prepared for conflict, or actively avoid it.

The most successful entrepreneurs are creative and skillful in handling conflicts, and actively seek constructive conflict with key stakeholders.

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While implementing Google Analytics tracking is the first step toward making smart business decisions based on data, it’s really just the first step.

Without regular attention and maintenance, your business is either blindly relying on its Google Analytics data (scary), or is likely not using it at all (sad).

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