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I’ve always had a keen interest in helping small, diverse and disadvantaged businesses.

A few years back, I worked with a small business (around 200 people) and helped them put in place many strategies and methods that transformed the business.

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No matter where you live, you’ve likely seen or eaten at a food truck. I live in Philadelphia, PA where Insomniacookies started on college campuses around town.

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The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET.

Laura Vanderkam: You won’t change your life by saving 2 minutes in the shower, or 3 minutes getting coffee.

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Technology is the future of business.

With AI and Machine Learning, small business owners should be thinking about how to integrate them into the already existing technology.

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Is Your Small Business Physically Fit? [0.16]

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We all know what it is to get in shape. Thinking back, you know you have been indulging too much.

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The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET. The test takes you beyond being nervous or anxious around people.

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Who’s on #Smallbizchat August 2017 [0.17]

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Please join us live on Twitter every Wednesday 8-9 pm ET.

This month, we’ll be on Twitter talking about time management; running a profitable business; being a woman entrepreneur and loving it; small business temperament; and understanding financial basics for your business.

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Some small businesses fail to create complete job descriptions. Developmental: Think of small business job descriptions as barometers for your team.

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The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET.

Based on several research studies, it takes about 7 seconds to make a first impression and, about 7 minutes to listen to a conversation before your attention begins to drift.

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While there are many advantages to running a seasonal business, one of the primary challenges is managing cash flow – having enough money on hand to get ready for the busy season, making the most of the revenue generated in season, and having enough money on hand to survive in the off season.

With these tips, small business owners with seasonal businesses can better manage cash flow to optimize opportunities before and during the busy season while also learning ways to save for and get through down time.

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Social media is everywhere. And before you do anything, develop specific goals for your social media activities.

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The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET.

Caroline Brady: One place where the online giants consistently win currently is in their rankings on Google and other search engines.

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Or perhaps your time more productive and outcomes more impactful if you avoided a lengthy commute, strict working hours, or conflicts with managers?

Stepping outside the fear is not easy, but once that trepidation subsides, it’s time to jump in and start your own business.

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You’ve worked hard to build your hive…don’t let anything destroy it.

I like to think of a small business as a beehive.

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The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET. Studies show that 80% of our success as entrepreneurs is due to our mindset – how we think and feel about ourselves, our business and about money.

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For small business owners, early July is a great time to assess how the year is shaping up, make adjustments that boost revenue or reduce expenses, and take advantage of new opportunities. As a small business owner, your personal credit rating is as important as your business’s rating because most lenders will factor an owner’s credit score into their loan decisions.

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If you run a retail business, one of your top concerns is likely inventory management.

If you have multiple locations for your retail business, Stockpile allows you to manage them all easily through one interface.

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Payroll is hard enough in a company of one.

Payroll mistakes can have very real and costly consequences.

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All of your customers get to you by different paths. Some of your customers might buy security systems because they live alone and travel frequently.

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Who’s on #Smallbizchat July 2017 [0.12]

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Please join us live on Twitter every Wednesday 8-9 pm ET.

In July, we’re not doing a show on July 5th in honor of the holiday on the 4th, but we’ll be back on July 12th talking about small business sales, and later this month we’ll share tips on being a successful online retailer, and how to build business partnerships to grow your business.

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