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Did you know that franchises like Papa John’s, Domino’s And Sbarro are getting Russian money?

Domino’s Pizza franchises aren’t new to Russia.

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Blunders happen.

In this article, I’m going to show you 5 blunders that are avoidable when buying a franchise business.

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School of Rock CEO Dzana Homan, who was receiving a large number of complaints about her leadership, was just replaced by Rob Price. In his new position, Price is going to focus on growing the franchise brand and more.

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We all have personality characteristics and experiences that may suit us better for one type of business over another.

So before you rush out to by a franchise because it makes a better cookie, or installs mufflers faster, or requires salesmanship that you never mastered, think about what kind of owner you want to be, then find a franchise in a growth industry that matches your personality.

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It’s important to realize that some most people just aren’t cut out for franchise business ownership.

If you’re one of them..if you don’t feel that owning a franchise is the right way to go, you may be feeling discouraged.

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Are you a dog lover?

According to the ASPCA, approximately 44% of all households (in the U.S.) have a dog.

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These days, there are lots of things that can put the kibosh on your dream of owning a franchise.

Those are the 3 words that will put the kibosh on your franchise dream.

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All of us, at some time in our lives, need advice.

Because not all sources are created equal.

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Saying he knew he was probably on his way out, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has decided to go the entrepreneurial route-and will soon be launching a brand, spanking new franchise concept. Sean has been schmoozing them for months.

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Check out the small business and franchise business news updates for May.

A report released today by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and MetLife suggests a majority of small business owners are optimistic about their businesses and are looking to hire.

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If you’ve been investigating franchise opportunities for a while, you know how much information gets thrown your way.

Even the most organized people can get overwhelmed during the franchise searching/researching/purchasing process.

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Introduction According to The SBA Loan Book: “The Complete Guide to Getting Financial Help Through the Small Business Administration,” over 99 percent of all business entities in the US are small businesses. These businesses represent over half of the private workforce and the private-sector output and over 40 percent of all private commercial sales in the United States.

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Sounds crazy right?

Why, would you be depressed after you buy a franchise?

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I’m puzzled by something.

In particular, I’m puzzled by the lack of interest (by most of my clients) in cleaning franchises.

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Every town needs a burger joint, an insurance guy, and a convenience store. The answer is mobile.

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That’s about how long it took me to decide to write this franchise article-which is in response to a franchise article I just read that’s so alarming.

The article* “7 Unique Franchise Opportunities With A High ROI,” should have never been written.

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Are you searching for a franchise to buy?

Did you know that you’ll have to write one if you get serious about a specific franchise opportunity you find?

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You’re ready.

The Franchise Success Kit.


Check out these franchise and small business stories for April, 2017. All current and prospective franchise business owners should read it.

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An Austin, Texas based company has come up with something special.

Silvercloud Trailer Events™ offers the coolest photo booth rentals and mobile bar rentals available anywhere.

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