Today wraps up one of the largest community events in World of Warcraft, a gathering that has drawn thousands of people together over the past four years and will raise more than a thousand dollars for charity this year.

During the closing ceremony today, players will pack the stands of the Tournament grounds in such numbers that no seats will be available, forcing some to hover or to perch on the roof.

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Would you accept $20 from the person behind you in the coach section of a U.S. airliner to refrain from reclining your seat?

If you’ve flown in coach in the last 20 years or so – which includes nearly all of us – then you’ve been a combatant in the space war, the “space” in question being that between your back and the knees of the seemingly nice little old lady – or very large, ill-tempered man behind you.

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You don't become the first African-American woman to own a billion-dollar company overnight. The journey of ACT-1 Group founder and CEO Janice Bryant Howroyd began during the battles over civil rights.

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