Recent contrarian signs are raising the probability of more stock gains ahead, and they could be significant. However, a contrarian outlook is possible when there is widespread agreement about a significant next move.

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To make matters worse, lots of online businesses fail when it comes to customer service by offering slow, delayed responses — or not offering them at all.

Providing stellar customer service with your e-commerce business can do wonders to make your company stand out amongst the competition.

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Is It, Like, OK To Say "Like"? [0.01]

Posted on July 17, 2017, 1 p.m. by Forbes Real Time @ [source]

John Hamilton McWhorter V thinks that the pervasive and prolific insertion of the word “like” into daily conversations by teenagers—and increasingly by adults—is a positive contribution to spoken communication. Although Mr. McWhorter is an unimpeachable authority on language (Columbia University faculty and countless articles, papers, and books), I disagree with him; not with conversational usage, but in presentations.

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Dealing With Bad Seeds In The Family Business [-0.15]

Posted on July 5, 2017, 4:38 a.m. by Forbes Real Time @ [source]

A major concern of family businesses is ensuring family harmony. In an international study of 336 family member senior level executives at their family firms, about 65 percent of them reported that ensuring family harmony is a high-ranking concern.

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That’s according to the 2017 Customer Service Benchmark Report recently released by SuperOffice. According to TalkDesk, 61% of customers prefer phone calls to get their customer support.

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In light of the most recent ransomware attack (using malware dubbed Petya), IT leaders would do well to resist the siren call of third-party software maintenance firms.

The recent Petya attack against multinational companies as far apart as Russia, Ukraine, Britain, and the United States, on the heels of the WannaCry hack from earlier this spring, are stark reminders of how acute the problem can be, and how much unwanted attention it can bring.

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Drama and Who Broke the Media Projector [0.03]

Posted on June 21, 2017, 4:13 p.m. by Leadership Freak @ [source]

No one knows when or how, but one of our media projectors is broken. Feeler wondered how someone could break something and not report it.

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It's OK if Aibnb doesn't "win" China [-0.17]

Posted on June 15, 2017, 4 p.m. by Pando latest articles @ [source]

There’s a lot of concern about Airbnb not winning China in my feeds and in my inbox today.

This stems from a Bloomberg story today that points out how small Airbnb is still in China, and that it plans to double spending in China next year to compete.

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Most successful business owners are good at one thing, be it sales, marketing, or even designing a best-selling product.

When you are working hard to establish a business, it is easy to forget about the long-term future.

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7 Ideas To Get Leads Using Your Blog [0.24]

Posted on May 23, 2017, 9:30 a.m. by Succeed As Your Own Boss @ [source]

If you run a small business or an ecommerce website, generating leads is probably one of the most important things you focus on.

One of the most potent ways to generate leads is through your blog.

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Each month, we book time with some of our company’s top financial brain power to answer questions about investing and your finances. This month we’re talking about political risk and your investments.

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Making it safe to speak up is one thing. It’s not uncommon for leaders to avoid treading on one another’s territories.

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He may be daring enough to propose colonizing a barren planet with potentially little or no water, but ask him about the future of artificial intelligence, and Elon Musk may just end up losing his. In a startling contradiction to Silicon Valley elites Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page, Elon Musk is one of the fewer scientific geniuses who are of the opinion that artificial intelligence will eventually bring over the apocalypse.

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No Never Means No: Beating The Fear Of Rejection [0.08]

Posted on May 15, 2017, 6:30 a.m. by Young Upstarts @ [source]

Are you paralyzed by fear? The question you’re afraid to ask, you must ask.

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Michael Walton is a freelance writer at CopyPress, writing tutor, and novelist. Entertainers, writers, artists, and politicians only create this resonance when they connect with their audience.

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It's easy to say Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte needs help from China for his country’s development in exchange for laying aside a maritime sovereignty dispute. And after years of friction, Beijing now firmly controls Scarborough Shoal, a major South China Sea fishery coveted by boats based out of the Philippine island Luzon just 220 kilometers away.

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Connected devices have made how we live in the 21st century a whole lot more interesting.

Home security still matters.

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You included all your relevant experience, you added a creative and eye-catching introduction and you ended on a great note.

First off, are you addressing your cover letter to the right person?

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