Zoho ShowTime Screen Share – Connect with your world [0.18]

Posted on Aug. 17, 2017, 9:32 a.m. by Zoho Blog @ [source]

Share your knowledge. Trainers can now choose to share their screen with just a click as part of creating training that’s engaging and memorable.

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Insights on the Future of the Internet of Things (IoT) [0.08]

Posted on Aug. 15, 2017, 6:22 p.m. by Brian Solis @ [source]

I once referred to the consumer-facing Internet of Things (IoT) as the Internet of Sh!t.

The Internet of Things is a mess with too many products and apps competing for consumer attention.

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Three Rules To Break During Your Job Search [0.16]

Posted on Aug. 14, 2017, 11 a.m. by Forbes Real Time @ [source]

The modern job market presents new challenges every day. New jobs were virtually nonexistent then.

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An interesting little point being made about the wealth of some of those in the past, the implication of which is that Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and the like simply aren't rich enough to be considered truly wealthy by those historical standards. This is obviously a contentious point and economists have tied themselves in knots over the years trying to work out how we can compare incomes, wealth, in fact even just basic lifestyles, over centuries and millennia.

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The latest trailer for Season 2 of Stranger Things opens with the boys at an arcade playing a game I remember quite well from my childhood: Dragon's Lair. The entire trailer is just edge-of-your-seat awesome.

Dragon entire Game latest opens playing season stranger things trailer


Taking time away from the office is crucial not only for reducing stress, but also to gain new perspectives about your business. But a trip to the mountains or the beach won’t reduce your stress if you spend the entire time worrying about not having a company worth mentioning when you get back.

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One of the great parts about investing in a franchise (instead of starting your own business) is you get an entire network and support system with your investment.

That's why we put together our list of the top new franchises from our Franchise 500 list, which breaks down the most exciting companies that have started franchising in the past five years.

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Snapchat (NYSE:SNAP) may have just changed local marketing forever.

Snapchat just unveiled custom stories, a new feature that lets users create groups with their own stories.

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Volcanoes on Earth are boring. As expected, this means that its surface is insanely hot – at least 2,000°C (3,600°F), according to one recent study.

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CattleXpert has been building software for the cattle industry since the 1990s, but the company’s flagship software recently underwent a complete overhaul and is now set for a summer re-release.

CattleXpert, located just west of Omaha in Elkhorn, Nebraska, is a modestly sized software company that provides optimum technology, support and service for managing feed yards.

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The four Gmail tricks I use to manage thousands of emails per hour. I used to spend hours managing emails trying to get to inbox zero.

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It used to be, only a few years ago, that the 100 crore rupees domestic box office level (roughly US $15.6 million at today’s exchange rate) was widely considered the threshold above which an Indian film release could be considered a blockbuster hit.

Several dozen films have reached that level in the past half decade, so 100 crore, while still notable, is no longer the magical mark it once was.

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The Washington Post has done us all a service by annoying all the right people. The WaPo did a report showing how the claims for disability have risen in rural America in recent years.

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Jeremy Corbyn's interesting electoral gambit is to suggest that there should be four more Bank Holidays--the name we Brits give to public holidays--in the year. Instead we should abolish the entire system of bank holidays and simply add the current stock to whatever the usual leave of holiday allowance is.

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How to Work with Someone Who Isn’t a Team Player [0.09]

Posted on April 21, 2017, 4 p.m. by HBR.org @ [source]

Do you work with someone who isn’t a team player? There are a few things you can do to try to encourage the person to think more about the team.

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The latest companies to exceed Wall Street analysts’ expectations were Visa and General Electric, both of which posted gains in futures trading.

Visa’s results late Thursday came after American Express reported a strong quarter.

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It seems everyone was relieved that Mark Zuckerberg product visionary showed up to f8, and Mark Zuckerberg, politician speaking in vague catch-alls, traveling the US and kissing babies mostly stayed home. When it comes to the grander rhetoric, it’s becoming increasingly hard to know exactly what he stands for, as he promotes feel-good messages that can lead you in whatever direction you want to believe Facebook is going in.

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By now, most people who follow SEO are familiar with structured data, the Schema.org vocabulary, and rich snippets. But when it came to marking up the most important information on their website — their menu — the only thing available to restaurants was one lonely menu property.

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Earthjustice [0.27]

Posted on April 2, 2017, 10:34 a.m. by AVC @ [source]

We are doing a $40k match offer this weekend for Earthjustice.

So we are now matching up to $40k in donations to Earthjustice this weekend.

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Perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that Destiny 2 will have timed exclusive content for the PlayStation 4, but it sure is disappointing.

If this is anything like the original game, it means that PS4 players will get access to Strikes and gear that won't be available to Xbox One players (and, perhaps, PC players?

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