Award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns is responsible for such genre-defining and genre- defying documentary series as The Civil War, Baseball, and Jazz, to name a few. I feel very lucky that at age 12 I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker, by 19 I knew I wanted to be a documentarian and by the time I graduated I knew it was history.

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With the release of a brand new book called The Dark Crystal: The Ultimate Visual History, fans can learn more about the herculean effort behind the film’s creation. It’s been printed twice, and getting copies has been fairly tough for collectors if they didn’t make it into the narrow release window.

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If you noticed some biblical undertones in Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, you’re not alone.

Ridley Scott‘s Alien prequels shifted the franchise from pure action-horror to a realm of epic creation myths, and Covenant was co-written by American Gods showrunner Michael Green.

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First, the bad news. So yeah, it was a good news/bad news weekend for Sony.

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Warner Bros.

I think we may have to look at The Conjuring franchise as the horror equivalent of Illumination’s Despicable Me series.

Sure, Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. and New Line Cinema went and hired a better director (David F. Sandberg straight from last summer’s sleeper horror hit Lights Out) and went the period piece-prequel format, but you can say the same thing about Universal/Comcast Corp. and Blumhouse’s Ouija series.

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Before the arrival of 4K, the highest resolution TVs on the market were known as “Full HD.” Full HD TVs had a resolution of 1080p.

It’s worth noting that HDR does not mean 4K.

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Prime Minister Modi’s Clean India campaign, open defecation and all that talk about building toilets: Is Akshay Kumar’s new film trying to sell us something more than a good time? It has also been declared tax-free in states ruled by Modi’s party.

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Transformers: The Last Knight is a fascinating situation. We’re getting a Transformers spin-off centered around Bumblebee.

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What with the excellent film In This Corner of the World finally getting a more widespread release in the West, I managed to talk with the movie’s director Sunao Katabuchi about this new work as well as his previous animated releases.

By the time the film was finished, my wife was pregnant with our second child.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King won 11 Oscars in 2004. The game has had impact on so many of the writers, actors, directors and show-runners making television and film today that is might not be a matter of if, but when.

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The US Navy recalls Grace Murray Hopper to active duty.

The programing language COBOL (COmmon Business-Oriented Language), first designed in 1959, extended Hopper's FLOW-MATIC language with some ideas from the IBM equivalent, COMTRAN.

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Humans are meaning-making creatures. We love to tell stories, and they shape how we see ourselves and our world.

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On Wednesday, actor Val Kilmer conducted his third Reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything") of 2017 and again dispatched some reflective and enlightening tidbits about his storied and notorious film career.

When asked for his "side of the story" by a Redditor on Wednesday about his perceived and well-known personality flaws on set, Kilmer appeared to deliver a reasoned and quasi-objective assessment of his past.

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It was years in the making, but the final collapse for Jagga Jasoos into Indian box office infamy took only a few short days, like a long-melting snowbank that cascades all of a sudden into a calamitous avalanche. It would easily displace that territory's all-time champion for box office mediocrity, the star-crossed stinker Gigli, a film whose name still elicits snickers 14 years after its infamous 81 percent second-weekend slide.

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I'm a little late on this, because it's not a good look to have to explain to your wife that you can't take her out to celebrate her birthday because you have to stay home and post Marvel trailers/posters, even if it is for work.

Once again, the film looks like a cross between an 8-bit video game and a mega-budget version of the various Star Wars rip-offs that popped up in the late 1970's/early 1980's (think Spacehunter or Starcrash).

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Warner Bros.

Christopher Nolan has been an incredibly valuable partner for Warner Bros over the past dozen-plus years.

But even as they smiled and shook hands with Nolan and signed the contracts for him to make Dunkirk, the executives at Warner Bros. must have been silently gritting their teeth.

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Early estimates from the analysts at BoxOfficeIndia project that the dance-action drama Munna Michael earned 7.5 crore rupees net ($1.16 million) on Saturday, a 20 percent increase over its opening day total of 6.25 crore ($970,000).

Also advancing nicely on Saturday was the social comedy-drama Lipstick Under My Burka, which nearly doubled its collections over Friday to 1.9 crore ($290,000).

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Walt Disney Studios has been having another super year by most measures.

It's not only Disney's Hollywood-made films that have performed, but it has also excelled with its production in India.

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Well, the good news is Sony's Spider-Man: Homecoming held up much better in its third weekend than The Amazing Spider-Man.

Blame Dunkirk, blame a franchise that peaked on the second installment, or blame the notion that the third film didn’t look all that different from the second film, but this is a genuine disappointment for a very well-received sci-fi actioner.

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