Marvel stunt performers are the unsung heroes of the franchise, filming and often choreographing the fighting styles for your favorite superheroes. Marvel’s Netflix shows are especially highly praised for their hand-to-hand combat scenes, which invites an obvious question: How would an Avengers A-lister fare against one of the street-level Defenders characters?

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Trump Not 'Dangerous' Enough On North Korea [-0.07]

Posted on Aug. 13, 2017, 4:01 a.m. by Forbes Real Time @ [source]

America, President Trump said on Friday, is ready for war. So far, the American leader is not doing nearly enough to force Kim in better directions.

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I gotta tell everybody to get out of the market,” says Bobby Kim mid-interview as he frantically posts to his Twitter page and Naver Band chat rooms about the looming downturn of Bitcoin. The market gets increasingly tricky to read when banks swoop in to buy big on the dip, he says.

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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA—It doesn’t take long after arriving in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to realize that you’re not in Kansas anymore. That doesn’t mean they deserved punishment, of course, but suggests Pyongyang wasn’t trolling for hostages, as suggested by some.

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Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, two Asian American actors, will no longer star in Hawaii Five-O, a show set in Hawaii, a state where well over half the population is of Asian heritage. As Elizabeth Wagmeister reported for Variety, apparently Kim and Park wanted better pay parity with the television show's two other co-stars, Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan.

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3 Powerful Podcasts for Business Leaders [0.22]

Posted on July 4, 2017, 1:30 a.m. by Women on Business @ [source]

Whether you’re a podcast newbie or aficionado, the recent proliferation of podcasts means there are ample choices for business leaders on the run.

Podcast episodes range from 20-30 minutes and have barely any advertisements.

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What Comes After Kim Jong Un? [0.00]

Posted on June 8, 2017, 4:52 a.m. by Forbes Real Time @ [source]

Daneil DePetris writes in The National Interest against the forced removal of Kim Jong Un from power because “North Korea is such a black-hole in terms of human intelligence, the U.S. intelligence community wouldn’t be able to confidently assess that the man or woman (Kim’s sister, for instance) who replaces Kim wouldn’t be just as vicious or unpredictable.” Historical parallels from the USSR and China, I argue, suggest that Kim would be followed by a milder form of collective rule.

As the leaders of Japan, South Korea, the United States, and other affected countries fumble around for responses to Kim Jong Un, they lack good options.

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That was the claim from all parties after a civil case involving allegations of Russian money laundering ended this month.

Congrats to Joon & team in Russian money laundering case (underlying fraud uncovered by Sergei Magnitsky, died suspiciously in Moscow jail).

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Feedback Falling Flat? Try Radical Candor [0.05]

Posted on April 29, 2017, 1 p.m. by Forbes Real Time @ [source]

What leadership and organizational behaviors would you like to change? Thanks to Kim Scott’s work, Radical Candor is a tool that enables us to offer feedback and empower behavior changes in all our interactions.

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It isn’t food that drives restaurateur Daeyoung Kim, one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia honorees this year. When his parents were busy running a clothing store, young Kim was left to fend for himself, eating McDonald’s every day.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un tests missiles so regularly that you’ve got to start wondering whether the odd totalitarian state’s neighbors flinch as much now as they used to. The missiles could reach Japan, possibly the United States and definitely the north’s closest neighbor South Korea but never do.

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Eric Juyoon Kim, one of Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia 2017 finalists, imagines a world where the world’s 285 million vision-impaired people have the same opportunities to learn and communicate with the same privacy as everyone else.

Seeking to disrupt the oligopoly of high-priced braille products, his startup Dot in South Korea recently launched its flagship Dot Watch, a sleekly designed silent assistive device that can display scrolling messages four braille characters at a time and send simple replies or actions through the two side buttons.

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Is China Really Abandoning North Korea? [0.07]

Posted on April 17, 2017, 1:08 a.m. by Forbes Real Time @ [source]

Friday, Air China denied it had indefinitely suspended all flights between Beijing and Pyongyang. Earlier, China Central Television, the state broadcaster, had reported that starting Monday the flag carrier would no longer be flying between the Chinese and North Korean capitals.

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The Pentagon revealed this week that U.S. Marine Corps F-35 fighters are operating in South Korea for the first time, as they participate in joint training exercises with the Republic of Korea's military. The eight planes are from a squadron of F-35Bs deployed to Iwakuni, Japan in January, where they will be permanently stationed and on call to respond quickly if a crisis occurs on the Korean Peninsula.

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