A smartphone for only $5 per month can give your small business an affordable solution to bring your workforce together, which is what T-Mobile (NYSE:PCS) has done with the REVVL.

At only $125, the T-Mobile REVVL is a smartphone with features good enough to perform all basic communication, image capturing, conferencing, and storage functions.

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LG Electronics Inc. (KRX: 066570) is bringing a new level of photographic innovation to the mobile industry.

Photographers, Instagram or Snapchat marketers, and other small business people including freelancers who use their smartphone camera for business may find the V30 phone LG is about to unveil a game changer.

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Maybe because the leakers of the smartphone industry are so good at what they do, or maybe it's a testament to the hype cycle of the internet, but more and more phone companies have developed a habit of pre-announcing or "leaking" features/photos of their yet-to-be-unveiled device. Last week, LG announced yet another feature of its upcoming V30 (whose official unveiling is actually at the end of the month): the handset will have an aperture of f/1.6, the lowest ever in a smartphone.

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Not even a full year after the biggest consumer tech PR disasters, Samsung has bounced back with its most profitable quarter yet -- enough to push it past Apple as the world's most profitable tech company. The two South Korean giants have it made -- even if consumers choose to buy someone else's phones, they're still using Samsung or LG tech.

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I was once, like the majority of young-ish people, an iPhone user. People who love the way the Warriors play today need to understand that Mike D'Antoni and Steve Nash paved the way with the mid-2000 Suns.

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Even by the standards of a year that’s brought us Samsung’s QLED technology.

Even more strikingly, the complicated (as in, it took my feeble brain at least 20 minutes to figure it out) desktop stand you get with the 65EZ1000 is designed to lift the TV a good few inches clear of your support furniture so that a full-width soundbar can be attached below and slightly in front of the screen.

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The Galaxy S8 must have felt like a bit of a paradox for Samsung engineers, execs, and marketers. This is the phone they hope will wipe the Note 7 off everyone's mind, but at the same time the S8 is a clear continuation of the Note 7's design cues.

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Dual curved-screens -- think the Samsung Galaxy S series -- is all the rage in smartphones these days. The South Korean electronic company just unveiled its G6 smartphone in Barcelona (I'm writing this from the event as we speak), and the G6 ticks every box for "features that smartphones of 2017 will have.

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Many months of leaks have mostly proved to be accurate. The LG G6 is a considerable change from the G5.

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