Ten Good Reasons To Quit Without Giving Notice [0.16]

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Too many hard-working and honest employees have been walked out the door like criminals just for giving notice at their job.

There is too much fear in too many organizations.

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When we sit down to meet with a product manager representing one of our clients about a new “launch video” one Thursday afternoon, I can see the train wreck coming from a mile away. Just knowing is not enough; it has to be framed at the beginning of every creative, production and review meeting in the process.

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How to Manage Your Day-to-Day Tasks [0.18]

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Any business owner or manager will be able to relate to feeling as though there are not enough hours in the day.

Business owners and entrepreneurs can give themselves the added motivation of once they have completed their tasks – no matter how early – they can finish for the day.

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A manager’s professional survival depends on reducing and managing risks every single day. But if we want to get things done, we need to work constructively with management, and that means providing the right information in a way that helps managers make good decisions, avoid needless risk and feel safe.

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I'm an HR Manager. I run HR and Recruiting for a mid-sized firm.

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I'm one of three employees in my department.

They didn't want to leave the department without any supervision or coordination so they decided to promote one of the three senior designers to Team Lead.

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I'm job-hunting. Another recruiter told me to make sure and talk about how much I want the job.

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6 Reasons for Outsourcing Your IT Support [0.06]

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More and more businesses are deciding to outsource their IT support instead of maintaining an in-house IT support team.

For small or medium-sized businesses, a salary of such a size is too much, but the costs of having a part-time IT manager, or of relying on untrained or less-experienced staff can far outweigh this once things go wrong.

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If You Want Everything Done Right – Delegate! [0.18]

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I know this is nothing new. I have been known to fall victim to that mantra every now and again.

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How New Managers Can Send the Right Leadership Signals [0.21]

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One of the most exciting and — sometimes anxiety-producing transitions in a career — comes when you move from being an individual contributor to becoming a manager. As your job shifts to getting more work done through others, recognize that what motivates or influences you may not be how others are motivated or influenced.

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10 Tips for Improving Teamwork in the Workplace [0.23]

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It’s obvious to see that an organization benefits when its employees are working together synergistically.

Because the goals are specific and measurable, it’s obvious if the team is on track or not.

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Managers are under tremendous pressure to generate results. Lines like this are still used all too frequently when employees tell their managers that they want to move in a new direction.

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Research shows that the stories we hear from others that highlight our unique contributions can help us find purpose in our relationships with our colleagues and our work.

Research shows that the stories we hear from others that highlight our unique contributions can help us find purpose in our relationships with our colleagues and our work.

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No -- I Won't Work From Home All Weekend [0.11]

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I've had my job for three years.

This is his first real management job.

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Gaslight: The Most Important Thing [0.21]

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We leaders all say that culture is the most important thing, but what are we doing to foster the culture of our organizations? Lastly, the managers review what they’ve learned from the 1:1’s with the leadership team in our weekly meeting.

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Build Your Portfolio Career [0.15]

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Kabir Sehgal, a corporate strategist, Grammy-winning producer, investment banker, bestselling author, and military reserve officer, talks about building and thriving in a portfolio career. Kabir Sehgal is an investment banker and a Grammy-winning producer.

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After progressing from associate to partner with McKinsey and Company, there’s seemingly been no stopping Beth Axelrod. Her latest promotion to Airbnb’s new head of employee experience speaks not only to her drive and determination but also the company’s commitment to ending workplace inequality.

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Types Of Coaching In The Workplace [0.19]

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Coaching in the workplace is expanding and “has become a more accessible development option which can help to shorten the learning curve and adaptation to a new environment or role,” according to The Journal of Positive Psychology.

While organizations recognize the importance of business coaching, few managers know how to make it work , says Candice Frankovelgia of the Center for Creative Leadership in Forbes.

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The best way to build relationships with your employees is to improve how you work together, not to take a break from working.

Rather than endless lunches or dinners or boondoggles, one of the best ways to build a good relationship with your employees is to make sure they feel heard.

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Editor’s Note: In the new podcast Masters of Scale, LinkedIn co-founder and Greylock partner Reid Hoffman explores his philosophy on how to scale a business -- and at, entrepreneurs are responding with their own ideas and experiences on our hub.

Hoffman’s belief struck a chord with both Emmy Award winning producer and founder of Greg Rollett and Entrepreneur‘s editor-in-chief Jason Feifer.

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