5 Life Lessons From Astrophysics [0.10]

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Humanity has been learning astrophysics’ hard lessons for tens of thousands of years: From first being flummoxed by eclipses of the Sun and Moon to the inexplicable movements of the celestial sphere. But despite the mind-boggling equations, a few basic truths can be gleaned from the often cryptic realm of astrophysics.

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The Rolling Stones have grossed more than a billion dollars in ticket sales and endorsements. Does that mean that they're better than Beethoven, John Adams and Zoe Keating, put together?

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Email marketing is one of those pivotal, game-changing facets of online marketing that nearly every serious marketer needs to not only know how to do — but do successfully.

What Is Automated Email Marketing?

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So much time and effort is put into acquiring clients, yet very few businesses spend the same energy nurturing existing relationships. This is unfortunate, since a current customer is much more profitable than a new one.

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A mere decade or two ago, the dystopian surveillance state seemed like something out of, well, a dystopian novel or movie. Now Big Brother is always watching.

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The latest International Monetary Fund estimations of global economic growth include a down grading of British GDP growth from 2 % to 1.7%, largely driven by continued uncertainty over what the Brexit deal is going to be.

The International Monetary Fund has downgraded its forecast for Britain’s economy, describing its recent performance as “tepid”.

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There’s no greater predictor of long-term organizational success than healthy team culture. To achieve success, we all have to work together.

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One of the worries about the election of President Trump was, among trade economists at least, that the campaign rhetoric needed to be taken seriously over such matters as Nafta. The idea that the US would pull out of it was so absurd, given the level of economic integration there is as a result of it, that no one could quite believe that it would happen.

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Do you know when National Employee Appreciation Day is?

The truth is, employee recognition knows no calendar — it’s an important part of company culture all year long and probably always will be.

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How To Make A Supernova In The Palm Of Your Hands [0.10]

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Supernovae are one of the most violent and powerful events in the Universe. Supernovae radiate more energy than the Sun will radiate in its life.

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One Essential After Being Passed Over For Promotion [0.18]

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They chose someone else.

Ask, “What would have been true of me if I had been chosen?” Don’t obsess about what’s wrong with you.

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In the age of virality, what does it actually mean to be popular? When does popularity — or good product design, for that matter — cross over from desire and engagement… to addiction?

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Sixty nine percent of U.S. entrepreneurs start their businesses at home, and cash flow trouble is the reason for 82 percent of failed businesses. The National Venture Capital Association has revealed 75 percent of venture money goes to California, New York and Massachusetts.

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Of course everyone wants to reach the maximum audience.

And so we fall all over ourselves to dumb it down, average it out, pleasing everyone and anyone.

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After General Electric fired CEO Mark Fields after less than three years on the job, The New York Times observed “the unquestioned power and perks, the imperviousness to criticism from the likes of shareholders, and the outsize public profile that once automatically came with the corner office have gone the way of the typewriter and the Dictaphone.” Also gone the way of those corporate dinosaurs according to the paper?

Sure it's important to build spaces that encourage collaboration like GE did, just like there’s nothing objectively wrong with buying growth by acquiring entrepreneurial companies that have innovated in markets you want to reach like Walmart with and Bonobos.

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This episode of the a16z Podcast takes us on a quick tour through the themes of economics/historian/journalist Marc Levinson‘s books — from An Extraordinary Time, on the end of the postwar boom and the return of the ordinary economy; to The Great A&P, on retail and the struggle for small business in America; all the way through to The Box, on how the shipping container made the world smaller and the world economy bigger. Maybe it’s just a matter of managing our expectations — or resetting our clock for when the new normal begins… and ends.

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While it is important to understand your personal metrics, mostly as a means of improving your use of time, and to develop an ongoing improvement process.

No matter how bright and rosy things appear at any time during the cycle, it is important to confirm and validate.

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Given how many hours I’ve put into Destiny, it seems a little odd that the game will end with a whimper, not a bang. And what that means is that I’m saying goodbye to the Guardians I’ve spent a few years with for good, effectively, given that there’s no cross-system transfer in place.

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No matter who you define it, the important thing to remember is that experiences lie in the value of the beholder. All too frequently, moments that matter are solved for by technology, creativity and greenlit from a distant perspective that is probably out of touch with what people want or desire to experience.

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Are You Too Young to Start Your Own Business? Just because you are young doesn’t mean you can’t have a great idea and the drive to start your own company.

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