Holding up well for 47 years isn't easy. The blacked-out fiberglass hood and side stripes, the ducktail spoiler and the side-exit exhaust pipes (just ahead of the large rear tires) were all trademark muscle car cues in 1970, and the Challenger wore them extremely well.

car challenger Dodge exhaust tip modern re rear side spoiler years


An interesting little point being made about the wealth of some of those in the past, the implication of which is that Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and the like simply aren't rich enough to be considered truly wealthy by those historical standards. This is obviously a contentious point and economists have tied themselves in knots over the years trying to work out how we can compare incomes, wealth, in fact even just basic lifestyles, over centuries and millennia.

answer economists entire fortune historical income modern past rich Wealth


Modern technology owes much to the introduction of the binary digit or “bit”, first proposed by Claude Shannon in “A Mathematical Theory of Communication”, a paper published in 1948. The bit would go on to transform analog to digital, making Shannon the father of the information age.

Binary bit Claude digit introduction modern owes play proposed Shannon


Ford Adds Good Neighbor Mode to 2018 Mustang GT [0.10]

Posted on Aug. 1, 2017, 4:01 a.m. by Forbes Real Time @ [source]

When you ask a fan of the Ford Mustang or other American performance cars like the Chevrolet Camaro or Dodge Challenger what makes it so appealing, one of the most common responses is the sound. Unfortunately, for the fans of these cars, they don’t necessarily live in places where all their neighbors appreciate this visceral effect.

car exhaust Ford mode modern Mustang neighbor quiet sound system


Modern technology delivers about a dozen gimmicky boondoggles for every legitimate game-changer.

Our vices and hobbies tend to help steer the development — and even the death — of certain types of technology.

boondoggles delivers dozen environment gimmicky legitimate modern technologies videogames VR


We teach modern marketing.

Marketing that doesn't involve spam or tricks or hype.

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It used to be that customer experience took place in person or when a customer called a support line; however, the interactions of today’s modern customer are much more digital, meaning there is a huge need for a technology stack to drive a strong customer experience.

According to David Rowley, CTO of IAC Publishing Labs, customer-driven technology can make a huge difference within an organization, but it also needs to be thought through so that it is strategic and efficient.

brand build companies customer focus interact modern stack strong systems


News reports out this week confirm that Donald Trump has the worst job approval rating since modern polling began.

It seems every new revelation is met with a higher level of repudiation; always blaming the "fake news" or anyone else within reach, and disavowing that anything is wrong within his administration, even as it's obvious to everyone else that the wheels are rapidly coming off.

approval confirm Donald job modern news rating reports Trump worst


Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B.

Game of Thrones attracted heated criticism for the excessive scenes of rape and violence against women, despite the fact that the narrative is explicitly feminist.

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A Quick Guide To Getting Started With SaaS [0.20]

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While you may not have heard of SaaS before, there is a very good chance you are using it now, especially if you are working in a modern business.

In fact, depending on your needs, you may need these benefits on a higher scale.

advantage benefit business cloud modern potential SaaS services software things


One of the biggest heroes of modern customer experience likely isn’t someone you’ve heard of before, but the rags to riches tale of Harry Selfridge is as educational as it is fascinating.

Harry Selfridge would go on to found Selfridges department store in London, but he started as a young boy whose father went to fight in the Civil War and then abandoned the family.

customers Department Harry item London modern Selfridge store wanted women


Understanding JavaScript and its potential impact on search performance is a core skillset of the modern SEO professional. It is important to understand because Google, and now Baidu, leverage headless browsing to gain a better understanding of the user’s experience and the content of webpages.

core JavaScript modern performance potential professional SEO skillset solutions understanding


In the context of contemporary applications, it's hard to think of an application that doesn't use a database. Traditional enterprise applications interact with large database clusters running Microsoft SQL, Oracle or DB2.

AI API application call center customers database enterprise modern text


The design for the modern home for sale overlooking the Ponus Ridge Land Trust in New Canaan, Conn., strikes a serene setting.

But rather than succumb to the usual soulless, boxy designs that accompany many energy efficient homes, the New Canaan structure marks one one of the first to be elevated to high-end luxury, employing a level of inventive elegance rarely seen in energy-saving designs.

Canaan Conn design energy Heating home luxury modern Passive House residence


When I set out to research digital transformation several years ago, I did so with the belief that there was more to the story than technology, IT and modernization.

The story I set out to uncover was that of the people behind change.

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A common technique in science popularization is to take some modern scientific idea, and connect it to some much earlier notion. Michell, working in the late 1700's with Newton's corpuscular theory of light as a stream of tiny particles, theorized that light leaving massive stars ought to be slowed down by the influence of gravity, potentially leading to changes in phenomena like refraction that might be measured here on Earth.

ancient atom connection hole idea light Michell modern Star theory


The modern Gent likes to be seen as an approachable man who embraces new trends and feels confident in what he does. Business is a way of life and something that is a part of him but does not define him.

book business communication development feel General Geoff modern techniques written


I help people network their way to their dream jobs for a living, so it surprised me to learn that I was guilty of making a huge networking no-no for years. Informational interviews, one-on-one meetings, and referrals are essential to navigating the modern job market, so I’m always pushing my clients to foster new relationships.

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A lot has changed in America since the 1960s and while many things are different in today’s United States, at least one of the fundamentals driving us all forward is still the same. While our values shift and IT creates realities considered science fiction back in the days of the Hippies and gas guzzling cars, the importance of small business remains one of this country’s immovable bedrocks.

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What is an Integrated Marketing Campaign? [0.16]

Posted on April 25, 2017, 11:30 a.m. by Small Business Trends @ [source]

The first part of this series discussed the basics of integrated marketing and how the method blends traditional techniques with digital parts. The previous article looked at how this modern tool combined the elements of more conventional outbound marketing with inbound marketing.

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