5 Gifts Every Entrepreneur Should Give Herself [0.19]

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Do you notice how we entrepreneurs tend to be harder on ourselves than anyone around us? The truth about entrepreneurship is that our efforts are often Sisyphean.

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Social Security may be one of your largest assets. Larry Kotlikoff is the founder and president of Economic Security Planning, a company that markets Maximize My Social Security, a Social Security benefits calculator referred to in this post.

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This year marks the 40th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death, and yet his long shadow continues to influence today’s entertainers, creators and social marketers. Yes, there have been accusations that the Colonel exploited Elvis, though closer examination of history and records shows that their partnership was one of the most successful joint ventures in modern business, and one that has continued to pay dividends 40 years after Elvis’s death and 20 after Parker’s (the Elvis Presley brand continues to be one of the top grossing entertainer brands in the world, routinely generating up to $55 million a year).

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In fact, hosting, coding or design experience isn’t even necessary.

No matter your business niche, you’ll be able to wow visitors with a sleek and professional design.

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As marketers, our jobs require that we prioritize ongoing education and learning in order to remain relevant and competitive. But instead of focusing on thought leadership solely, marketers have an opportunity to reframe their approach to become thought partners.

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Finance Apps Have A Millennial Mobile Moment [0.12]

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The first wave of banking and fintech apps got high marks for delivering features that allowed time-crunched users to tackle important tasks. Starling Bank in the U.K. became the first in the country to partner with Transferwise, giving Starling customers direct, in-app access to TransferWise’s money transfer services.

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Last year, for the first time ever, the amount spent on digital advertising surpassed that spent on television ads. Last year, Facebook made over $26 billion in revenue, a number that exceeded analysts’ expectations and that represented a $9 billion increase over the previous year.

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Do you feel like your business is going unnoticed? Do you wonder why some people have 10,000 likes on their article and you only have 100?

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How to Become a Stay-at-Home CEO [0.16]

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Life is too short to do one thing at a time. In a short time, the mantra became a cue.

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Prison breaks are daring and sometimes takes years to plan and execute. According to a documentary of prison breaks, 60% of escapees are caught within the first 24 hours and 80% are caught within the first week.

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Toward dumber [-0.04]

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If you want to reach more people, if you're measuring audience size, then the mantra of the last twenty years has been simple: make it dumber. Don't make people uncomfortable or ask them to stretch.

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The attack of the bots continues as they spread their reach everywhere from data gathering, to analytics, web indexing and more, automating tasks across the internet. Freelance marketplace Fiverr has a new subcategory dedicated to chatbots development services.

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Of course everyone wants to reach the maximum audience.

And so we fall all over ourselves to dumb it down, average it out, pleasing everyone and anyone.

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Tampa, Fla. (July 11, 2017)—Content marketing industry leaders Atomic Reach and CopyPress today released their collaborative whitepaper “How AI Can Improve User Engagement.” The white paper reviews the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing and provides solutions for small businesses that want to implement AI into their own limited content strategies.

Additional themes discussed in the white paper tie back to a common message: Using AI for content marketing is more accessible than many people think.

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5 Real World Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid [0.10]

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Companies rely on content marketing to reach an audience and be able to sell products to potential customers.

Not only do companies make sure their content reaches people and creates engagement and sales, they look at what their competitor does.

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Recently, I was asked to consult with a large conglomerate on how they could better reach the minority market — specifically the latino population in North America. After all, the minority market, be it Latino, Asian, or mixed race, is becoming the fastest growing segment of the market that companies are trying to reach.

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Reader Resource Apply now to be an Entrepreneur 360™ company.

Kris, almost every entrepreneur struggles to know if, when and how to expand.

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You could be a new entrant to the world of entrepreneurship or a seasoned veteran; you need your business to communicate with your audience and reach them in a way that is effective and makes them your loyal followers. Instagram allows brands to reach new audience using a simple strategy- through visuals and short text messages.

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Millennials are a major market segment for brands around the world.

As a marketer, it can be challenging to reach millennials.

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At work, you feel stuck in the deepest rut of all time.

You can also have a small list of non-essential tasks that can be handled at the beginning or the end of the workday.

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