Is Tesla Really a Disruptor? (And Why the Answer Matters) [0.13]

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There’s little argument that Tesla is a wildly innovative company.

There’s little argument that Tesla is a wildly innovative company.

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Tesla's Secret Sauce [0.09]

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Everyone knows that Tesla, Elon Musk’s electric car company, has yet to turn a profit. But with Tesla’s Model 3 now beginning to roll off the company’s California assembly line, Musk doesn’t care.

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The specter of the Model 3 without tax credits looms as Tesla talks about "compelling" value sans incentives and Tesla salespeople reportedly warn customers.

The Model 3, sans rebates: The Tesla Model 3 has been designed to be affordable without federal and state tax credits, the EV maker said in its most recent investor newsletter.

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Tesla Shows How Traditional Business Metrics Are Outdated [0.15]

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Elon Musk is having a moment.

Elon Musk is having a moment.

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Last week, Tesla released its long awaited Model 3. I think we'll all collectively figure it out, but we don't actually have it today... ...Venture capital as it's configured today is very good at picking up science that's been developed, largely with federal funding, for 30 or 40 years, and then doing the last 2 to 5 years of applied development to get it into a commercial product.

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And Tesla's all-electric vehicles are among the most advanced consumer vehicles on the road.

At Black Hat 2016, researchers from Tencent KeenLab demonstrated how to remotely take control of a Tesla Model S. Tesla quickly patched those vulnerabilities, but the Tencent team returned to Black Hat 2017 with a new slew of Tesla attacks.

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On a day when Elon Musk should be giddy, with Tesla achieving an 11-year old goal of creating a widely affordable electric car for the masses with the Model 3, its multitasking CEO seemed almost downbeat talking about the task ahead: Transitioning to high-volume production that’s at least five times and as much as 10 times what the Silicon Valley carmaker builds now.

Musk turned over key fobs to the first 30 owners – all Tesla employees – late Friday at its sprawling Fremont, California, plant.

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The Psychology Roiling Tesla's Stock Price [0.04]

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A month ago, Tesla’s closing stock price peaked at $383.45, and last week the stock closed below $330.

Apparently, investors are beginning to catch on to the fact the Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a severe case of a behavioral condition known as “the planning fallacy.” People who suffer from the planning fallacy are serial offenders when it comes to projects coming in over budget, late, and with fewer features than promised.

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Why Your 'Great Idea' Actually Sucks [0.45]

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Everyone wants to come up with the next Uber, Facebook or Tesla.

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Why Elon Musk Is This Era's Big, Tech Rock Star [0.17]

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These days, it seems to be all about business magnate, investor, engineer and all-around cool guy Elon Musk. Musk seems fairly humble, affable, human.

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What Was Behind Tesla's Recent $12B Stock Drop? [0.12]

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What was behind Tesla's recent $12B stock drop?

What was behind Tesla's recent $12B stock drop?

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Tesla’s boss Elon Musk just tweeted a photo of the first Model 3 to roll off the production line.

But even though Tesla plans to ramp up production to 20,000 units a month by December this year, the company will find the electric market getting crowded very quickly.

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Is Tesla's Stock In A Ditch Or Going Over A Cliff? [-0.01]

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Tesla closed at an all-time high of $383.45 on Friday, June 23, but over the past two weeks has fallen almost 20%.

Tesla’s Relative Strength Index or RSI is at 35.60 (the top portion of the chart below) and its Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD in the bottom portion of the chart) is at a negative 20.195.

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Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, has tweeted pictures of the Model 3 and its initial production ramp. Last week Musk said that the first 30 Model 3’s are to be delivered on July 28th with production to grow exponentially to 100 in August and 1,500 in September.

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Tesla released its preliminary June quarter production and delivery results, which showed that it barely made its first half delivery guidance of 47,000 to 50,000 vehicles with an approximate total of 47,100. Another indication is that if deliveries had not been impacted by the 100 kWh problem (which means June quarter results would have been higher) then Tesla’s tepid second half guidance may have been lower than the first half results.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted images of the first production Model 3 Saturday night. The Model 3 is Tesla's first mass-market EV and starts at $35,000.

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While Tesla's stock price had a rough week and media outlets poured on the negativity, one prominent venture capitalist compared the Model 3 launch to the iPhone 2007 launch. Tesla shares (up slightly Friday) plunged 20 percent by Thursday's close (via CNBC).

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In May, soon after Tesla became America’s most valuable car maker, Elon Musk admitted that the company’s stock price was irrationally steep.

As stockholders grapple with increased competition, slowing sales and thin margins on the new Model 3 vehicle, Tesla shares are now trading below their value in mid-May, when Musk made his candid appraisal.

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It should surprise no one to learn that Elon Musk, a master of promotion, is capturing worldwide media attention Friday for Tesla's selection as the winning bidder for a project to install "the world's largest grid-scale battery" in South Australia.

It also shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who pays attention to claims made by promoters that the details are not as exciting as the headlines and are substantially more difficult to discern.

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Here's something for Tesla fans to think about -- just because you love its cars, it doesn't mean you should love its stock.

After all, since I suggested July 3 that you should take your profits on Tesla shares, they've lost about 15% of their value.

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