Today wraps up one of the largest community events in World of Warcraft, a gathering that has drawn thousands of people together over the past four years and will raise more than a thousand dollars for charity this year.

During the closing ceremony today, players will pack the stands of the Tournament grounds in such numbers that no seats will be available, forcing some to hover or to perch on the roof.

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We'll see about legs past opening day, but Transformers: The Last Knight earned its keep in China on its first day. I don't have word on word-of-mouth at the moment, but if the film clicked with moviegoers, it stands to reason it might just have legs, both because the film has heavy Chinese investment and because audiences didn't care much for The Mummy and Alien: Covenant over the last two weeks.

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Well, that has to be a sigh of relief over at Paramount/Viacom Inc. After a frankly miserable $15.7 million opening Wednesday in North America, all hopes for Michael Bay's fifth Transformers movie were pinned on China.

So if the pattern holds, and I don't know yet if the film is doing well in terms of word-of-mouth, we're looking at an opening day gross of $33.3-$41.4 million.

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