An interesting little point being made about the wealth of some of those in the past, the implication of which is that Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and the like simply aren't rich enough to be considered truly wealthy by those historical standards. This is obviously a contentious point and economists have tied themselves in knots over the years trying to work out how we can compare incomes, wealth, in fact even just basic lifestyles, over centuries and millennia.

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The future of wealth management is here. These are the industry's future leaders; the stewards for their clients and their next generations, and those who will help mold the direction of Wealth Management.

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The rich are getting richer; and the very rich are getting very much richer. The catch is that not all wealth managers have the technical and interpersonal skills to work effectively with the rich, and this situation is even more evident when it comes to working with the super-rich.

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Investing in real estate can be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio, enjoy a steady stream of current income and build long-term wealth for the future. Teaming up with a trusted mentor who is already a successful real estate investor is perhaps the best way to learn the ropes and avoid common first-timer blunders.

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I had a Twitter debate with Noah Smith and Matt Bruenig a few weeks ago on whether or not tax cuts for the wealthy should be considered income redistribution.

This is an important point, so it is worth more debate and an attempt by me (or others) to answer this claim.

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An early investor in Uber and many other startups, Jason Calacanis seems to have an eye for money-making companies.

Calacanis shares what he has learned investing in over 150 companies at the angel phase and how he sees wealth creation is changing in his new book, Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups-Timeless Advice from an Angel Investor Who Turned $100,000 into $100,000,000.

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The 2017 Sunday Times Giving List is normally known for the titans of industry and generous aristocrats who are sharing their fortunes. This year’s 200-strong list however has a number of celebrities within the ranks as it analyses how much someone is worth, how much they gave to charity in the last year and giving a ranking based on the proportion of wealth given away.

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We've another of those pieces shouting that artificial intelligence is going to overturn the world and thus we need more taxes, more government and even, in this argument from Kai-Fu Lee, more colonialism.

We are suffering, not from the rheumatics of old age, but from the growing-pains of over-rapid changes, from the painfulness of readjustment between one economic period and another.

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Everyone knows it is hard to get rich, but it can be even harder to stay rich. Standard Charter recently made a similar move, raising its minimum from $2 million to $5 million and signaling it would begin targeting clients with investable assets in the $30 million range.

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In a column from December of 2015, the Wall Street Journal’s Mary O’Grady unveiled a rather inconvenient fact that poverty warriors on the American left and right would perhaps prefer remain hidden: from 1980 to 2000, when the U.S. economy boomed, the number of Mexican arrivals into the U.S. grew from 2.2 million in 1980 to 9.4 million in 2000. O’Grady’s statistics came to mind while reading a recent New York Times column by Jared Bernstein, a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

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This week’s decision by Arab states including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates to cut ties with Qatar, which they accuse of supporting terrorism, has thrown Doha’s financial markets into turmoil. Qatari stocks Thursday headed for their biggest weekly loss since 2011, and the rift has sparked concern about whether Doha can weather the regional isolation.

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There's a new paper out from Gabriel Zucman and collaborators at Berkeley.

Zucman et al also use another data set, generated by the Panama Papers leaks.

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Reader Resource Apply now to be an Entrepreneur 360™ company.

As new technologies make many traditional functions obsolete, those of older generations find themselves shut out of jobs simply because businesses can hire and train younger, less experienced people for less money.

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I recently had the opportunity to return to my alma mater, DePauw University, to speak with their Management Fellows about a career in wealth management. If you’re a new grad looking to start your wealth management career, here’s what you should think about first.

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20 Books Bill Gates Recommends [0.24]

Posted on May 18, 2017, 1:30 p.m. by Entrepreneur: Latest Articles @ [source]

This week, Bill Gates took to Twitter to provide some advice to the graduating class of 2017.

Gates exhorted the new grads to fight inequity, spread progress and surround themselves with people who push them to be their best selves in his 14-part tweetstorm.

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There are a number of content management systems that can help you develop eCommerce websites, but not all are created equal.

While we wouldn’t ever condone you becoming one of the ‘sheeple’, there are plenty of developers out there who vouch for WordPress as their eCommerce solution of choice.

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In Don Phillips' article "The Things You Can Control," he suggests that the best advisors help their clients focus on what can be controlled and not fret about the the rest, even when uncontrollable things are what clients think are the most important.

Get clients to become committed savers.

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Jack Ma, chairman of China’s e-commerce leader Alibaba Group, has surpassed Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin as the country’s richest man, according to estimates by Forbes.

As of Friday, Ma’s fortune was worth $30.9 billion, compared with $30.7 billion for Wang.

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For some time now I've been arguing that our usual estimations of wealth inequality are wrong, so much so that they're entirely wrong. The figures that are derived from the various studies end up looking only at transferable wealth.

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China and India may be the two most populous countries in the world, and the fastest growing economies, but given how differently we approach politics, religion and language, many think that's where the resemblance ends.

In both India and China, marriage is seen as a vital step toward social legitimacy and inclusion.

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